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Living the Dream

In his message to Florida Hospital, a patient recalls how their whole-person care philosophy transformed his life for the better.

11/2/2018  |  By Adventist Health System

When people ask how I am, my response is, “living the dream.” I am fortunate to be alive, and I live my life that way. I am getting closer and closer to truly feeling whole.

Wholeness is not one thing. Wholeness means physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Being whole takes work.

I push my way through the difficult times. Today, at 68 years old, with a heart transplant a year behind me, I can now walk three miles in just over an hour. Physical fitness helps keep mental and spiritual fitness within reach. Mental fitness means I have to live in peace within myself, and in harmony with others; I am grateful for the chance to do so, always with love and passion.

I live in the moment. I don’t worry about things in the past which I can’t change, and I avoid worrying too much about the future. The time is now.

Living in the moment is the ultimate act of a survivor feeling whole.

Happiness, peace and harmony take work. I choose to do the work. And I am happy.

The Florida Hospital family saved my life; their spirit and wellness philosophy made me a better man.