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Spiritual Calling

A central sterile tech at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial takes a moment to pray over the surgical tools she cleans.

8/10/2018  |  By Adventist Health System

One day, I was working in my sterile processing department at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial cleaning out a mastectomy tray. As I took the tray out of the case cart, I said a prayer for the woman who was about to begin a journey I knew very well as a breast cancer survivor. As I held the retractors in my hand, I realized they formed a cross. I reached for my phone and snapped a picture so that I would always remember the sign. As I continued cleaning, I said a second prayer for the next woman and ensured the tray of instruments was exactly perfect so that she too may have a safe surgery.

My job here has been amazing, as I’ve been able to talk with so many people just starting their recovery journey. In this role, I feel like I can make an indirect difference on those requiring surgery just by praying over their surgical tools. I am honored that God has led me down this path and feel deeply that this is my spiritual calling.