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Impressive Care

An out-of-town visitor is amazed by how the Florida Hospital team makes her and her family feel seen and cared for.

7/27/2018  |  By Adventist Health System

I have worked at the same hospital in New Hampshire for 21 years and have always felt we had the best staff and facility. But then I visited Florida Hospital and realized you guys blow us out of the water!

I had to make an emergency trip to Orlando to visit my cousin who had a stroke and needed additional medical attention. I have never seen a more impressive group of caregivers (and I mean everyone, from environmental services to the nurse leaders on the unit). It didn't matter who walked in the room, my cousin was treated with respect, dignity and a kindness that was wonderful to see.

Your staff also treated me the same way. It didn’t matter who I encountered, everyone had a smile and just wanted to help. They cared for our family physically and emotionally.

Later on, when I came back to work at my hospital in New Hampshire and walked through our hallways, I couldn't help but compare the two hospitals. In yours, every staff member I walked by made eye contact and smiled. Here, everyone either kept their heads down or just looked through you.

Kudos to the most impressive hospital I have ever seen!