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An Act of Generosity

On a cold morning, an employee at Rollins Brook Community Hospital offers a departing patient her own jacket to keep him warm.

5/11/2018  |  By Adventist Health System

One day, Brandi Watkins, a radiology tech at Rollins Brook Community Hospital, came across a patient who had been discharged from the facility but appeared somewhat unsure of where to go next. As she showed him to the front door, she noticed he was wearing a light t-shirt though it was a very cold morning. When she offered him a sweatshirt or jacket from the supply they stocked in the emergency department, he said he did not want to go back to the ER and that he would be fine.

Brandi did not want to push the patient to go back to the ER, or to have him wait on her, so she simply took off the hoodie she was wearing herself, and insisted that he take it. “I can get another one. Please take my sweater,” she said. At this demonstration of kindness, the patient accepted the gift and thanked Brandi before he left. Our team at Rollins Brook is so proud of Brandi for Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.