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Service from the Heart

A CT technologist at Gordon Hospital provides exceptional care to her patients, no matter their needs.

4/13/2018  |  By Adventist Health System

When a hospice patient who came to Gordon Hospital for a procedure told Courtney Carroll, CT technologist, that he really wanted sauerkraut and hot dogs, Courtney called the patient’s hospice center and had the food delivered directly to the hospital. On a different occasion, one of our patients came in for her weekly procedure on the day of her birthday, and Courtney brought her buttermilk pies to celebrate while she was here. Courtney also goes to the cafeteria occasionally to buy items patients request, and she purchases it with her own money just to be kind.

Most recently, a patient came in for a chest x-ray and expressed concern to Courtney about her difficulty breathing at home. The patient said that she was scared and that she was on her last antibiotic. Sometime later, the patient was diagnosed with pneumonia, and Courtney took it upon herself to contact the patient’s doctor about getting her directly admitted into the hospital for care. This relieved the patient’s fears and saved her a trip to the emergency room. Courtney does all of this without hesitation and without recognition. She holds the hands of patients, calms their fears and gives them hugs. These are just a few examples of the types of things she does every day for our patients at Gordon Hospital.