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Close to the Mission

A mission and ministry team member brings hope to a grieving colleague during a visit to a Florida Hospital Medical Group practice.

3/2/2018  |  By Adventist Health System

Once while making a quick stop at the Florida Women’s Center, I ran into the practice manager, greeted her and reminded her that I worked on the mission integration team. She then interrupted me to say, “You know, God works in such mysterious ways! One of our receptionists recently lost her younger brother. Would you mind talking with her?” I replied that I’d be happy to, and she showed me to one of the provider’s offices so I could meet with the receptionist.

In introducing myself to the receptionist, I explained that while I was not a chaplain nor a pastor, I was a Spiritual Ambassador, and that I would be glad to be of any spiritual support to her. She began to cry as she told me about her beloved 21-year-old brother. With every tear she shed, there seemed to be a question that accompanied it: “Why him?” “Where is he now?” “How can I go on without him?” I could only sit there and assure her that it was ok to cry and to ask those types of questions.

Somehow, during my attempt to comfort her, the topic of the Bible came up. She shared that she’d been looking for a Bible but had just been so preoccupied with everything else. I asked her if she’d ever heard of a chronologic Bible. She had not, but I could see that she was intrigued. I went on to share how I had read through the Bible in a year using that kind of outline, and how it had been very inspirational in my journey. Smiling, she said it sounded like just the thing to help her with her unanswered questions. I told her that I might know where to get my hands on one of those types of Bibles, and that I’d return the next day. We closed our meeting with prayer and a hug.

The next morning as I walked back into the Florida Women’s Center, my new friend jumped to her feet to greet me, and beamed with enthusiasm as I presented her with a chronologic Bible. She couldn’t stop thanking me, and I couldn’t have felt any closer to our mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.