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Sections of Love

A Florida Hospital Zephyrhills nurse receives a gift of thanks after taking the time to pray for a patient and calm her anxiety.

2/15/2018  |  By Adventist Health System

Darby Collura, RN, is one of our prayer warriors in the surgical services department at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills. One day, Darby noticed that a patient had arrived for an orthopedic fracture surgery with no family or friends with her. She was alone and anxious so Darby offered to pray with her, and then she offered her a hug to help ease her fears. Following the procedure, Darby visited the patient in her room on the floor.

Months later, Darby received a handmade quilt and a note of thanks from the patient that read, “Darby, thank you! You were so kind to me, coming to see me in my room. It meant so much. I wanted to do something for you, so I hope you enjoy this quilt. I only learned to make these about a year and a half ago. My friend taught me and she says there are never any mistakes, only sections of love. You have some love in this quilt, Darby. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.”