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DispatchHealth Wins Third Annual InnovationX Competition

DispatchHealth presented a solution to provide consumer‐centric, on‐demand care in the comfort of a patient's home.

9/5/2017  |  By Mario Roberts

DispatchHealth has won Adventist Health System's (AHS) third annual InnovationX competition. DispatchHealth presented an in‐home care delivery platform and triage system designed to provide right‐sized care, while addressing the health care needs of the consumer and the access challenges of the at‐risk patient.

"With so many amazing companies represented, we are honored to win the InnovationX competition," said Mark Prather, MD, MBA, CEO for DispatchHealth. "Our solution aligns with Adventist Health System's imperatives to lower the cost and expand the network by delivering quality, convenient care in the home at an affordable cost."

DispatchHealth is a provider of mobile and virtual health care that works to create an integrated, convenient, high-touch care delivery solution that extends the capabilities of a patient's care team and provides definitive, quality care in the home while decreasing costs.

InnovationX, the health care industry's premier innovation competition, is a "Shark Tank" style contest held during the 2017 National Council of Presidents conference in Tampa, Florida. At the event, 20 start-up and mid-stage companies from across the U.S. pitched their ideas and solutions to address some of the top challenges in health care before a judging panel made up of health care executives for a chance to further develop their product and design a pilot with AHS.

"The exciting thing about this year's InnovationX is how we were able to align these companies with our imperatives and how their solutions move the needle," said David Banks, chief strategy officer for Adventist Health System. "We saw 20 amazing companies, and look forward to working with these companies in the near future."

Past InnovationX winners include Babyscripts in 2015, which delivered a platform to remotely monitor pregnancies, and Twistle in 2016, which delivered a process and quality improvement platform that engages patients with provider treatment plans to improve patient outcomes and consumer satisfaction.

Adventist Health System, one of the largest faith-based health care systems in the U.S., incorporates innovation and design thinking to continually improve and enhance care delivery. The organization has multiple innovation labs, and is currently constructing a new innovation center at its corporate campus to further advance this effort. Events like InnovationX give Adventist Health System the opportunity to explore new, innovative approaches to advance and elevate care for patients and communities.

"The future of health care will be defined by those who effectively apply the discipline of innovation and design," said Vickie White, vice president of marketing and innovation for Adventist Health System. "InnovationX is where Adventist Health System brings in companies ranging from the leading-edge start-ups to mid-sized companies to help us co-create the future of care for our consumers."