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Make Them Smile

The kindness and special care of a Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center nurse brings a smile to her patients' faces.

8/18/2017  |  By AHS

My father is a patient at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center. While we've been here, I've realized how totally amazing the patient care tech Sandra Gentle is. She is very friendly with her patients and their family members. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they are attended to. And not only does she see to her patients' needs, she also makes it a point to get a smile out of them. My father always gets so excited and smiles from ear to ear when he sees Sandra enter the room. She truly has a fantastic rapport with her patients and demonstrates how much she cares for them by making sure they are always comfortable, no matter how many times she has to reposition them. Our entire family has come to love Sandra and the way she treats those in her care. We will absolutely miss her when we leave here.