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The Lonely Traveler

After experiencing a car accident, a disoriented traveler is taken to Metroplex Adventist Hospital where he's met with a staff that goes the extra mile to get him back on his way.

8/18/2017  |  By AHS

We recently cared for a 79-year-old gentleman who got into a car accident in Central Texas while driving from California to Missouri. He desperately wanted to return to California as his car was ruined, but couldn't access his suitcase or belongings due to damage to the trunk. The tow truck driver who arrived at the scene told him that he couldn't drive him to California, so the Bell County Sherriff's Department became involved. The deputy was able to contact the gentleman's family friend who stated she could pick him up at LAX if he flew back, so he drove him to the Killeen airport. Unfortunately, upon arrival to airport, the gentleman fell out of the car and was very confused. That's when he was taken to the ED at Metroplex Adventist Hospital.

At the hospital, it was discovered the gentleman had a urinary tract infection (UTI), which was causing the confusion. He came to the ED scared and alone. Our staff took up a collection and sent one person to the store to purchase an outfit so he would have clean clothes. We also got him his medication (he had no money), packed him a bag of several snacks for the plane ride, and wrote a note for him with his friend's contact information just in case he needed help. The patient was then taken to the airport by the same deputy that brought him to us. The next morning, the gentleman's friend called to thank us and say he had arrived back safely. Our staff was so relieved to know he was home safe. They truly had extended the healing ministry of Christ.