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An Abundance of Gratitude

In a message to Florida Hospital's CEO, an employee expresses her heartfelt thanks for the life-changing care the team is providing to her family member.


I have a loved one who is currently a patient on a progressive care unit at Florida Hospital Orlando. Before she was admitted to Florida Hospital, she had lost hope and motivation among other things, and even questioned her existence. Her previous team of doctors had given up on her, and, in my opinion, almost killed her. For a full year, she could not sit, was barely able to walk and had multiple surgeries. She continued to have wound infections and it seemed like nothing (and no one) could help. That's when she finally went to Florida Hospital to get a second opinion. After just a week of being there, I could hear hope in her voice. She told me that everyone cared for her and was sincerely trying to help her. I remember telling her, "That's Florida Hospital for you!"

It's been a month now that she's been at Florida Hospital Orlando, and she's walking straight, laughing, looking healthier (thank you, CREATION Health!) and healing properly. The other day, we shared tears of joy over the transformation. The staff at Florida Hospital Orlando has given her more than hope; they have given her friendship and the love and care she deserves.

"Thank you" does not even begin to express my gratitude!