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Springing into Mission

A team at Manchester Memorial Hospital moves quickly to recover the baby items a local family lost during a house fire.


While doing community service work some time ago, a team of us from Manchester Memorial Hospital met an elderly couple who had raised their granddaughter. During our conversation, we learned that the granddaughter was pregnant but had unfortunately lost everything she received at her baby shower due to a recent house fire. When we returned to the hospital, I mentioned this to the rest of my engineering team and they immediately "sprung into mission." Without my knowledge, they began raising money within the department to replace some of the much-needed items that had been lost. After a few days and plenty of shopping, we had the opportunity to revisit the lovely couple, meet their granddaughter and present them with our gift. It was a great way to demonstrate our mission firsthand. I am so proud of this team and am grateful to work with such giving and caring individuals.