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The Friendly Stranger

A Gordon Hospital patient recalls being treated like a person, and not just another case in the day, during a recent imaging test.


I came into the emergency room having symptoms of a possible stroke. I was first sent to radiology for a CAT scan, then for an MRI-MRA and ultrasound of my carotid arteries. I later needed a second MRI-MRA and requested some type of sedation due to anxiety from my first MRI-MRA.

It was then that a tech named Jewayne Morgan came into my room to introduce himself and to explain the test. He answered every question and immediately put me at ease. He reassured me that I could do the test and that he would be with me every step of the way. When he took me from my room to the MRI machine, he let me stop and see my family in the hall for well wishes and much-needed hugs. I was blown away by the level of care he was giving me.

Once I was in the MRI machine, I heard Jewayne's calming voice come over the speaker to explain to me what was happening. In a small tube, scared to death, this friendly stranger gave me a sense of calmness, reduced my anxiety and made me feel like a person, not just a case he needed to complete. I wish there were more people like Jewayne in the world. He truly made a difference for me and my care. He is an asset to Gordon Hospital, and I am better for meeting him. Thank you, Jewayne!