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Gordon Hospital Begins Using Telemedicine to Provide Additional Care to Critically Ill Patients

Advanced ICU Care complements Gordon Hospital physicians with additional around-the-clock monitoring for ICU patients.

7/7/2017  |  By Chelsea Etheridge

Gordon Hospital has successfully implemented one of the most advanced critical care telemedicine programs available in hospital intensive care units (ICUs).

Utilizing highly trained intensivists and critical care nurses from Advanced ICU Care, the nation's largest provider of tele-ICU services, to provide additional monitoring twenty-four hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, Gordon Hospital now provides an extra layer of care that enhances patient safety.

"Our patients are receiving the best recommended standard of medical care available with the collaboration between their doctor, the hospital critical care team and the remote telemonitoring of Advanced ICU Care," said Pete Weber, president and CEO of Gordon Hospital.

Advanced ICU Care's team complements the care provided by Gordon Hospital physicians, continuously monitoring patients' vital signs, medications, labs and clinical status. Proactive data management tools identify issues, prompting immediate intervention. Two-way video access in each patient's room enables face-to-face consultations between the bedside and Advanced ICU Care team during periods of evaluation or when called on by the caregiver.

"We are pleased to partner with the physicians and clinicians at Gordon Hospital to provide additional clinical surveillance and support of their critically ill patients," said Lou Silverman, CEO of Advanced ICU Care. "This strong alliance of critical care expertise combined with the most advanced telemedicine technology plus programs to continually improve care is working together to benefit and improve the health and safety of these patients."