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Healing Hands, Loving Heart

A Florida Hospital Zephyrhills employee thanks a clinical coordinator for cheering up a patient with an act of love.


We had a patient at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills who was having a hard time adjusting to being in a hospital—it's always scariest when you're by yourself. Our clinical coordinator Jennifer Helms saw how unhappy the patient was and decided to bring a little bit of sunshine to her day. Jen went to the gift shop to look for something that could cheer up our patient, and found a toy puppy that sings and wags its tail. She was able to get it with the help of the gift shop staff. When Jen got back to the unit, the entire team gathered together to present the toy to the patient. As she began to cry tears of joy, our team got misty-eyed seeing such a small gift make our patient so happy. Jen said, "This is what we are called here to do."

We want to thank Jen for her loving act to turn an uncomfortable hospital stay into a magical moment for our patient. By delivering the wonderful toy puppy, Jen was able to extend the healing ministry of Christ to her. Thank you, Jen, God has truly blessed you not only with healing hands, but with a special love in your heart.