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It's Taken Care Of

A Florida Hospital Flagler employee shares a story of a patient's family member who was impacted by a small, but meaningful gesture.


I was rounding on one of our inpatients who was admitted on Saturday through the ED, and his wife started to talk about her experience interacting with our emergency staff. The day had been very traumatic for the patient and his wife, as their beloved dog had an episode, attacked the patient and then had to be put down. The wife was understandably emotional. She said the ED team—nurses, physician and auxiliary—were wonderful. But what touched her the most was when she was in the cafeteria trying to get food before it closed and she was scrambling around. Well, by the time she got to the cashier, she was told the meal had been taken care of. Some of the same ED team members who had been caring for her husband were there and they decided to pay for her meal. Just in retelling the story she was moved because she considered the act such a touching and compassionate gesture.