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The Parade

A patient's mother thanks the surgery staff at Texas Health Huguley for calming her daughter's fears, and hers, during a recent procedure.


Your surgical staff is amazing. My daughter was so scared to have her tonsils removed, yet through it all, the staff was so sweet. In particular, nurse Melissa Hawkins was great. She played make believe with my daughter and told her that her name was "Bubblegum" and then took her on a wagon-ride parade into the OR. Melissa didn't have candy for my daughter to throw like in a real parade, so she let her throw tissues instead. I have never experienced such a compassionate staff. I just hope that they are recognized for doing such an awesome job.

The anesthesiologist for my daughter's surgery was very sweet as well. She came and checked on my daughter after the procedure, and talked to her. Although my little girl doesn't remember much from the hospital, I do, and I know it was because of you all that I wasn't crying the whole time I was in the waiting room.