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A Lasting Impression

An emergency room nurse and tech at Florida Hospital Tampa create a memorable experience of healing and compassion for a couple and their daughter.


Compassion is evident in all of our ER employees at Florida Hospital Tampa, but there's nothing more rewarding than seeing our patients and their family members offer a similar affection in return.

Some time ago, we had a case involving a 14-year-old girl with an altered mental status; we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her and her parents were desperate. However, seeing that we stayed with her at all times throughout her tests, CT scans, etc., in addition to comforting her family, made the parents feel like the answer would soon be found. They stated that if it wasn't for our compassion, they wouldn't have been able to endure the agony of seeing their little girl so ill.

Later on, when the patient was moved from the ER to critical care, the parents made sure to keep us updated, as they had noticed how much we truly cared. And when she recovered from her altered mental status, her parents introduced her to us, and told her we were the angels that would not leave her side during her time in the emergency room. They also called us after her discharge to let us know that they would never forget the care and compassion we had shown.

Cases like these make me even more proud of the team I have the privilege of working with.