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A Lesson on Mission

A Park Ridge Health employee learns that it takes as little as a caring heart, and sometimes a box of chocolates, to extend Christ's healing ministry.


Six years ago, I was doing hospital visits with my local pastor, and as I walked out of one of the facilities, I thought about what an honor it would be to work with healers. A few months later, that thought became a reality when I got a job in the purchasing department at Park Ridge Health. Since then, I've spent my time here working with my department and ministering to them. Additionally, I've been able to cover as a chaplain on Thursday nights.

Being a chaplain has dramatically reaffirmed and strengthened my assurance in God's grace and mercy. One story that comes to mind is when I was working in the lobby and I met a woman who was on vacation. She was supposed to be on a tour of the Biltmore Estate—something she had looked forward to for years. Listening to her situation, I could not imagine what it would be like to spend my time off, time that is supposed to be for relaxation, in a hospital. While I knew I could not replace her trip, I did know that we sold the same chocolates as the Biltmore Estate, so I bought a box and brought it up to her room later that evening. I thought that at least then she could experience a small part of her dream destination right where she was.

What I've learned from this and several other experiences is that you do not have to be in any certain department to bless someone's day. Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ is as simple as walking alongside someone in his or her time of need.