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Care from the Sky

A Florida Hospital DeLand employee volunteers to care for a distressed passenger on her flight.


Elizabeth (Liz) Lambert, a nurse from our care management team, was on a six-hour flight from Orlando to Seattle with me when a flight attendant called for medical assistance for a passenger with distress. Although it had been quite a while since Liz had provided hands-on clinical care, she volunteered to assist.

For the duration of the flight, Liz monitored the individual while consulting with medical personnel that had been called from the ground. At their direction, she started an IV and administered fluids, reported vital signs and more. By the end, the passenger was able to disembark from the plane with no serious issues and was taken to a nearby facility to be checked. Liz got a hearty thank you from the flight crew, as her assistance made it possible for the flight to continue toward its destination without an emergency landing.