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Angels on Duty

Employees across Adventist Health System fulfill the mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ through actions big and small.

2/10/2017  |  By A Patient's Family Member

People often have decals on their car windows that say "Baby on Board." Well there should be a sign on one of the windows at Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) that says "Angels on Duty." One Sunday afternoon, my sister, who is a resident at a local assisted living facility in San Marcos, fell and hurt her wrist. A doctor arrived at the facility and said she hadn't broken any bones but prescribed her pain killers for the pain. However, for reasons I do not know, the facility would not get her the medicine. I live in New Orleans so I spoke with my sister over the phone; I could tell she was in extreme pain. So, trying to help, I called CTMC and the pharmacist answered the phone. After I explained the situation, she confirmed that they had the medicine on hand and that they could prepare it for my sister. I then called the San Marcos Police Department where another "angel on duty" agreed to deliver the medicine from the hospital to my sister's assisted living facility. Even more, after the pharmacist I had talked to finished her shift at CTMC, she drove to my sister's facility to check in on her. Amazing! Thank you all for your kindness! You will be rewarded.