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It Takes a Team

A hospital team revives a couple's cause for celebration despite an unfortunate accident.

11/18/2016  |  By Don Jernigan

I am pleased to hear that the emergency department at Gordon Hospital was recognized with a DAISY Team Award, which honors teams that come together to successfully implement ideas for better patient care. The patient who nominated the department shared the following.

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for your kindness to me when I was brought into the hospital by ambulance after falling and hurting my head and back. My husband casually mentioned out loud, 'what a way to spend our 48th anniversary.' But the next thing we knew, the nurses were bringing in sweets, flowers, a balloon and a candle. I can't tell you what that meant to both of us. Thank you so much!"

I suspect the idea to surprise this couple on their anniversary started with one caregiver, but it took the whole team to put the idea into action. Likewise, Christ calls us to join Him in His healing ministry and to carry out life-changing, innovative and caring healing methods that impact our patients' bodies, minds and spirits.