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Where Our Abilities End and Christ's Begin

"Code blue! Code Blue!" The alarm resonated throughout the PCU ward. Nurses and doctors poured into the hospital room running towards the patient bed where Missy Bingiel lay in respiratory distress. Her husband Michael was rendered powerless, watching in fear as the hospital staff tried to resuscitate her. Thoughts of Missy and their three sons ran through his mind—what would they do without her?

Missy had been admitted into Gordon Hospital, in Calhoun, Georgia, for a routine hysterectomy. After the successful completion of the procedure, Missy began to experience moderate respiratory distress. Her condition worsened abruptly; she was experiencing serious difficulty breathing and began aspirating. Missy was suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a medical condition uncommon amongst young women, like Missy, without medical problems or many pulmonary risk factors.

Staff at Gordon Hospital, dutifully cared for Missy and her family. Weeks passed and Missy was in and out of consciousness for days at a time. All the while, Michael remained by her side; his nights spent sleeping in waiting areas or a chair at her bedside.

Late one night, Missy's oxygen saturation levels and heart rate began to drop; her nurses feared she would experience cardiac arrest and code again. The night nurse on duty came to Michael urging him to pray.