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Servants Like Christ

Exhausted. Disheveled. Timid. An elderly man entered the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach Center. He lingered in the doorway for a moment. His eyes cast towards the floor. He couldn't help but stare ashamedly at his shoes; filthy and filled with holes.

"How are you today sir?" A young student stood before him smiling. She gently led him to a chair and knelt by his feet. She began to remove his shoes and soak his feet. He watched as she meticulously cleaned his open wounds, and tended to his needs. Throughout the process, her smile never faded. She offered a friendly stream of conversation, not seeming to mind his shyness. When she finished, he was handed two pairs of fresh socks and a brand new pair of shoes; invaluable to a man who had been living on the streets for years.

As he turned to leave, he hesitated.

"Do you know, you are like Jesus to me today?" He uttered.

The nursing and PA students at Union College volunteer their time and talents to the homeless population of downtown Lincoln, Nebraska throughout the school year. While many young students are preoccupied with obtaining worldly success and gaining recognition, this group of students are happy to play the role of a servant, just as Christ did.