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Something is catching in the town of Port Charlotte, Florida. People are losing weight, going to bed earlier, and feeling a glow they've never experienced. Through CREATION Health, they're learning about how lifestyle habits can make an impact on their happiness and health.

The program is focused on eight principles: choice, rest, environment, activity, trust, interpersonal relationships, outlook and nutrition.

"These are principles I had heard all my life," said Dr. Todd Lang of the Bayside Eye Centre. But through the CREATION Health seminars he learned "they could be applied differently" and used to reach people from a variety of backgrounds.

One of the most exciting opportunities the CREATION Health champions received was the chance to host a seminar at a local soup kitchen adjacent to a homeless shelter.

"People will come in to you and ask you questions, rather than going out trying to tell them how they should live," said Will Froelich, owner of Body One Fitness Club.

As the CREATION Health message expanded into the community, it gained the attention of local media and was featured on the evening news.

"It's catching," Dr. Lang said. "And that, I think, is the most effective witnessing tool and the most effective tool for change in society."