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Breakfast Blessings

At Gordon Hospital in Calhoun, Georgia, healing takes place over breakfast each year as community members, healthcare providers and religious leaders gather to pray.

"When I come away from that morning, it's like you're renewed and you feel just good that you've been that close to the Lord," one attendant said. "You feel that everything about that program that day touched you in some way."

Helen Jones agrees. After losing her husband to cancer she attended one of the hospital's prayer breakfasts, where she heard Evelyn Husband speak. Inspired by the message of courage and hope, Helen decided to use her energy making a difference. That year she organized a golf tournament that raised $36 thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society.

The power of prayer has an impact beyond what is seen, said Brian Clark, pastor at Calhoun First United Methodist Church. It inspires, it motivates, and it draws together people of different faiths who otherwise wouldn't meet.

"It's special to me that the hospital is putting time and effort into continuing that spiritual leading and healing, not only in the hospital setting, but in the community as well," Brian said.