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Praying for Patients

China Malone works in the intensive care unit at Metroplex Adventist Hospital in Texas. Each day she sees patients reaching for life while battling death. Their tired eyes reveal frustration and fear.

"I've been there. I've done that, so I know how they feel," China said.

After nearly losing her own life to an aneurism, China found new purpose at work: helping others know the Lord. Her brush with death, she said, reignited her faith and commitment to God.

Though her occupation does not require speaking to patients, China reaches out to them through prayer. And when she does, amazing things take place.

Once, she met a mother and son who were facing an uncertain future. The young man was very sick and not expected to recover. China learned that in the past he attended church, but had lost his faith in recent years. Undaunted, she began to pray with the mother every day.

"I wanted to see this man gain back his health and his faith," she said.

Within a few weeks, changes started taking place. They were small at first—different readings on the monitors—but grew into a full recovery.

"We all rejoiced," China said. "The whole ICU, all the nurses rejoiced."

But the real miracle is what happened afterwards. Once he left the hospital, the young man decided to give his life to the Lord, where he then found true health and happiness.

That's how it works, China said. "We plant a seed and the Lord makes them grow."