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Shackles and chains are no match for hugs of compassion

Sometimes Christian care wraps you in an embrace that leaves no doubt about unconditional love. That's the kind of Christian compassion Christine Robinson shows.

As a patient advocate, she joined the staff of Memorial Hospital in Manchester, Kentucky, in 1973, when she was in her mid-40s. From that day until today, there have been "no strangers within these gates."

Christine greets everyone with open arms and the love of God. She makes no apologies for her boldness, no secret of her belief that prayer has the power to heal. She makes no distinction from one soul to the next. "We're all God's children," her father used to say.

Those who have been there more than once know what to expect. "Here comes that praying lady," one was heard to say.

Teresa, a nurse at the hospital, says there's nothing superficial about Christine's contact with patients. "She gets to know them. She talks to them, gives them real personal attention. Prayer is a vital part of a patient's recovery. It gives a peace and hope inside that nothing else can give."