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A Suicidal Caller Breathes Life Into the Mission Statement

Tiffany, Emergency Department night shift coordinator at Littleton Adventist Hospital, talked, listened, and even managed to draw a laugh from the woman traveling in the dark. Although she had no formal training in suicide counseling, Tiffany focused on the phone as if she were talking to an old friend.

"I definitely felt like God was behind me, helping me have a clear head to talk to her and to know exactly what to ask her, to make her feel more comfortable," recalls Tiffany. Her concern made an impression and her prayers established a connection. She asked the caller where she was located, gave her directions to the nearest hospital, and kept her occupied while the stranger made her way to safety.

"When you do something like this and you talk to a person, and you have this conversation that helps save the life of somebody who needs help at the time, it all comes together," says Tiffany. "You realize you don't actually have to read the mission statement every day to have it in your heart."