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Our Mission & Values

Adventist Health System employees draw motivation and direction from six strongly held principles. These principles guide the manner in which we treat each other and those we serve.

Christian Mission

We exist to serve the needs of our communities in harmony with Christ's healing ministry and incorporate Christian values at every level of service.

Focus on Community Wellness

We commit time, talent and financial support to educate our neighbors in the principles of illness prevention and healthful living.

Quality and Service Excellence

We strive to meet or exceed both the service standards of the health care industry and the expectations of the patients we serve and measure our success through continuous surveying of patient satisfaction.

High Ethical Standards

We conduct our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. As responsible stewards, we use our financial resources wisely by choosing business practices which are cost-effective, productive and result in a fair return on investment.


We are sensitive to the needs of the individuals and families we serve and meet their needs with kindness and empathy.

Cultural Diversity

We value the diversity of our patients, employees, business colleagues and visitors and treat them with kindness and respect regardless of their background, race, religion or culture.