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Main Address:
730 Courtland Street,
Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: 407-975-3800
Fax: 407-975-3900
Adventist Care Center-Courtland

Adventist Care Centers (ACC), the skilled nursing division of Adventist Health System (AHS), includes 16 long-term care facilities. All of the Adventist Care Centers have easy access to nearby hospitals, and over one-half are adjacent to AHS hospitals, which helps provide a continuum of care in a centralized location.

Adventist Care Center
facilities maintain a near-capacity census and many have waiting lists. Adventist Care Centers have responded in many ways to the growing demands on long-term care facilities. Some facilities have added special equipment and staff to provide cost-effective rehabilitation services outside the hospital setting. Changes in the healthcare delivery system provided by hospitals have created changes in long-term care delivery. Shorter hospital stays have increased the demand on nursing centers to provide care for patients recovering from illness or surgery. The increased longevity of citizens in our communities has also contributed to the increased demand for skilled care centers. The years ahead will continue to demand even more from long-term care services as older Americans make up a larger percentage of the population.

Adventist Care Centers are committed to a whole person approach to care that embraces each resident's physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being. This involves everything related to each resident's care and safety. Each facility strives to provide each resident with cheerful surroundings, nutritious meals, and a variety of interesting activities every day while our teams of compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals provide for our residents’ healthcare needs.

Because each resident is unique; a plan of care is developed to meet the special needs of each person. ACC’s care teams work closely with residents' family physicians and/or staff medical directors to develop these plans. All treatment and care is directed and monitored by the patients' physicians and delivered by skilled nurses and therapists. Residents, admitted to those centers that provide rehabilitation, have access to a full range of therapy services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. In addition to these services, the facilities that provide subacute care offer intravenous therapy, renal dialyses, and respiratory therapy.

Dedicated to our mission of promoting health and quality of life for those we serve, Adventist Care Centers exists to serve the needs of our communities. We welcome and serve all with
integrity, honesty and fairness. Our associates provide quality healthcare services in a comfortable home environment that enhances residents' health and well-being. Recognizing residents' needs for spiritual care as well as physical, emotional and social care, the opportunity is made for them to practice their faith as they choose. Adventist Care Centers encourage clergy in the communities to participate in their spiritual activities. Additionally, many of the centers have part-time chaplains and the family's own spiritual leader is welcome to visit a resident at any time. The goal of each Adventist Care Center is to make all the residents feel completely at home and to provide a place where families know their loved ones are receiving the kind of care they would personally provide.